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On Sun, Sep 23, 2012 at 12:57 PM, Andrea Veri <av gnome org> wrote:

> 9. Chris Leonard (SugarLabs and OLPC downstreams)

Hello All,

Thank you for accepting my application to become a member of the GNOME

As mentioned, I swam upstream to GNOME from the Sugar Labs / OLPC
downstream.  I notice a fair number of other Sugaristas on the
membership roster.

For those of you that do not know Sugar, it is a child and education
oriented GUI that was initially developed for the One Laptop Per Child
XO laptop, although Sugar Labs has since spun out of OLPC to an
independent existence.  It would not be fair to characterize Sugar as
a competitor to the GNOME GUI, it is instead a complement In fact,
Sugar and OLPC lean heavily on the GNOME stack.  When OLPC ships an OS
build for the XO laptop, it is dual-boot in the Sugar and Gnome UIs.

Sugar Labs and OLPC have had a history of warm and collegial
relationships with the various upstreams.  For example, Sugar Labs
hosts L10n for AbiWord and Gnash on our Pootle instance.

My interests in joining the GNOME Foundation lies in continuing to
strengthen those ties in the area of i18n and l10n. As Translation
Team Coordinator of Sugar Labs, I am primarily a wrangler of strings
and localizers, not a developer.

At present, my pet projects are:

1) Working my way through the en-GB PO files and filing a lot of "typo
fix" and "remove mark up" bugs.

2) Trying to get the two-year long failure of WebKitGTK+ to provide a
valid POT addressed because it significantly impacts the user
experience in Epiphany and Sugar Browse Activity for users in
non-English languages.

3) Trying to increase the number of glibc locales upstreamed from the
often exotic or "under-represented" languages for which L10n
communities exist within Sugar Labs.  We have about 130+ langs,
including many indigenous or minority languages hosted at:

4) Trying to address the lack of attention to glibc locale issues that
currently raises significant barriers to entry for new languages or
improvement of existing glibc locales.

That is not necessarily all that I'm working on, but this e-mail has
gone on too long already.

Thanks for letting me into the "clubhouse".

Warmest Regards,


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