Re: A question for the candidates

Andy Wingo <wingo pobox com> wrote:
> On Mon 28 May 2012 11:53, Allan Day <allanpday gmail com> writes:
>> I would personally like to see the board be a more proactive
>> organization, where the needs of the GNOME project are discussed, and
>> initiatives intended to benefit it are instigated and managed.  I'd
>> like there be less 'we need someone to organise GUADEC' and more
>> 'let's come up with ways to make GNOME an attractive place for hackers
>> to work'. This would inevitably lead to more visibility and greater
>> engagement by the wider community.
> Why do you need a board for that?  These needs can be fulfilled without
> relying on hierarchy.

Heh. There might well be other vehicles for this; it'd be cool to hear
other ideas.

But for me, the board is a good fit. Members make a time commitment
for the year (very important), are experienced contributors, and the
annual vote gives people a stake in what they are doing, as well as
giving a bit of legitimacy and influence (the last bit might not be
essential, but it does help). Also, the board's existing activities
(helping with hackfests, talking to partners, allocating funds) would
work with what I'm suggesting.

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