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Dave Neary <dneary free fr> wrote:
>>So I would try to have the minutes sent
>>around ASAP. But as far as I could see, nobody was suffering enough yet
>>to publicly ask whether it'd be possible to make things more (timely)
> I don't know if I count or not, but I have asked publicly several times this year about the status of things being mentioned in old board minutes - specifically the situation for 2013 and GUADEC/Desktop Summit.

Thanks for all the responses.

I agree with Emmanuele that some separation is to be expected, and I'm
also happy to see the recent changes wrt Planet GNOME and Foundation
membership. I'd really like that process to continue. Aside from what
has already been mentioned, more blogging by the board could be one
other way to increase its visibility.

For me, the other thing that has come come out of this discussion is
that visibility and integration is a product of the scope and mandate
of the board. Right now, it feels like the board is largely in
caretaker role - it does day-to-day administration, keeps things
running and makes sure that essential tasks are taken care of. (Maybe
I'm wrong about this - tell me if I am.) In that respect, it is
unsurprising that the board isn't very visible.

I would personally like to see the board be a more proactive
organization, where the needs of the GNOME project are discussed, and
initiatives intended to benefit it are instigated and managed. I'd
like there be less 'we need someone to organise GUADEC' and more
'let's come up with ways to make GNOME an attractive place for hackers
to work'. This would inevitably lead to more visibility and greater
engagement by the wider community.

However, I suspect that it is difficult for the board to adopt this
role without more resources, since the essential routine tasks do need
taking care of. Are there some routine tasks that the board could
delegate? Does it need more in the way of administrative support?

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