Conference about Gnome in my french school

Dear Sirs,

Before everything else, I will introduce myself. I am actually a french student. I am studying for my engineer degree in computer sciences.

My school teaches us a lot of different contents during the formation. There are some conferences during the 3 last years of this formation, during which students can listen to professionals working in their future domain.

Unfortunately, a very few are about Linux world or "just" explain some very tricky points. A lot of students are thinking that Linux is only for scientific and "hard" problems resolution. Personally, I don't think so, so I want to show this point of view to students of my school.

I think that Gnome helps to make the Linux world more user-friendly and make able non-fully qualified people to access to the Linux provided tools. With this goal in mind, I would like to organize a conference in my school, also in french language, with for title "Linux is for common users too" or something like that.

Before to go to my school's administration, I would like to speak to some Gnome involved people. So I wish I am writing to the correct list. For information, the person in the CC field is a school-friend.

Thank you very much for reading me. Hoping we can make something together.

Best regards,


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