Re: Conference about Gnome in my french school

    Unfortunately, a very few are about Linux world or "just" explain some very
    tricky points.

If you're talking about the use of the GNU operating system, with
Linux as kernel, please don't call it the "Linux world".  That would
be giving us none of the credit.

See and

    I think that Gnome helps to make the [GNU/]Linux world more
    user-friendly and make able non-fully qualified people to access
    to the [GNU/]Linux provided tools.

That's the reason we developed it.  Gnome was meant to provide the GNU
system with a free (libre) and convenient GUI.

    I would like to organize a conference in my school,
    also in french language, with for title "Linux is for common users too" or
    something like that.

This is a useful thing to do, and I know free software activists in
France who can find people to come and speak.  I suggest calling the
event "GNU/Linux is for everyone".

Dr Richard Stallman
President, Free Software Foundation
51 Franklin St
Boston MA 02110
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