Re: Question to candidates: on-line services

On 05/27/2011 06:27 AM, Gil Forcada wrote:
Hi members,

Everyday more and more services are offered on the cloud and there's
also initiatives powered by Free Software (tomboy on-line...).

One of the main problems for Free Software projects providing cloud
services is the hardware/administration/connection expenses which are
mostly a no-go for a Free Software project without any backing from a
big corporation.

As a member of a the future board will you look for ways to promote and
look for resources to offer these free software cloud services? Maybe
part of a funding campaign (be a Friend of GNOME and have a Tomboy
on-line account for free).

I also think that online services is the trend and is another area where we are rather weak (free software in general, not only GNOME) for the reasons that you highlighting (hardware, administration, connection, etc).

From all the questions that have been asked I see a lot of requests from the community to the board to act upon. If elected I will try to get the board to draft a global strategy to which we will all agree and work jointly on executing, rather than each of us driving individual projects we feel are important. In fact we should decide to foster innovation (and lines of code) in specific areas that are important to the project and financially support those individuals, projects, or events that are in line with our strategy.

And so yes online services should be considered, and i personally would vote for it to be on our strategy road map.



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