Re: question for candidates

On Wed, 2011-05-25 at 11:10 -0700, Andy Tai wrote:
> As Fedora is the only current GNU/Linux distribution adapting GNOME
> 3.0 as the default desktop,

It's the first one to come out, but it certainly won't be the last. I
expect other distributions to follow suite shortly.

>  how would you facilitate to make GNOME technologies to work well
> (meaning minimal local patching needed) on other GNU/Linux
> distributions like Debian,

It's a technical problem, not one for the Foundation Board to handle,
but we'll make sure that the necessary support is there if needed.

>  and such distributions which may work on components competing with
> certain parts of GNOME, such as Ubuntu?  And how would you facilitate
> to make GNOME 3 run well on other free OS environments, especially the
> BSD based ones, like OpenBSD and FreeBSD?

Again, a technical problem. If *BSD contributors came to the Foundation
asking to organise a hackfest, we would take it as seriously as other

> And how would you facilitate collaborations with Ubuntu, especially,
> despite the different viewpoints of developers on issues like GNOME
> Shell vs. Unity?

We'll do our best to ensure that there is collaboration between the two.
Some things are currently in the works on the Foundation side, which I
guess you'll see being made public soon.


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