Re: Candidacy: Andre Klapper

Hi Johannes,

On Mon, 2011-05-23 at 09:30 +0200, Johannes Schmid wrote:
> > Plus sometimes I would have prefered to see more transparency in GNOME
> > with regard to decision making on our sometimes bumpy way to GNOME 3.0
> > so one task will be to find ways to facilitate.
> Do you think it would be useful for GNOME to have a policy that things
> that haven't been discussed on a public (archived) mailing list but
> instead only privately (IRC, etc) haven't been discussed at all?

I don't think that enforcing a "must have" policy is the most helpful

All teams (whether defined ones or informal) in GNOME should rather be
encouraged to publish meeting minutes (not full logs but summaries) on
the wiki and announce them on the appropriate mailing lists (and on
personal blogs).
This could even be enhanced by setting up a central wikipage and/or
ical/ics file for GNOME team meetings, and creating a central
"MeetingMinutes" wikipage linking to all of the subpages for meeting
logs of specific teams.

Speaking for 3.0, some decisions were considered controversial by a
larger number of users and/or community members which either indicates
that people didn't follow or got involved in decision making before they
were affected by the changes triggered by these decisions, or that
decisions were not communicated widely enough though a sufficient
argumentation for the change indeed was outlined in public.

For the latter case I hope that the discussions that we've had on the
way to 3.0 (which are partially still going on, see e.g. recent
complaints about changing the "Delete" keyboard shortcut in Nautilus)
have helped our community members to get a better feeling for
identifying / recognizing changes that *could* be considered
controversial, so it's now about making it easier for people to follow
changes in fields of interest.

Hope that answers your question. :)

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