Candidacy: Andre Klapper

Name: Andre Klapper
Mail: ak-47 gmx net / aklapper openismus com
Nick: andre_ or andre
Affiliation: Openismus GmbH <>

Who am I?
I've been active in GNOME since 2003 or 2004. I started with bugtriaging
Ximian Evolution bug reports and somehow ended up in the bugsquad,
release-team, two translation teams, the localization coordination team,
user support in various IRC channels and lots of other random stuff that
I am sometimes interested in. Also see the "Biography" link above.
In real life I work in MeeGo and error management for
Openismus GmbH.

I don't have a grand plan or great thoughts to offer so feel free to
consider this a weak application, but with the great momentum that we
received by the release of GNOME 3.0 my main motivation is to help
pushing outreach and motivate more people to contribute and get
involved. Concretely this means "restarting" the gnome-love initiative
(Sri had some great ideas that I'd love to steal) and a better outreach
to downstream communities (e.g. with regard to translation upstreaming).
Plus sometimes I would have prefered to see more transparency in GNOME
with regard to decision making on our sometimes bumpy way to GNOME 3.0
so one task will be to find ways to facilitate.
Also I'd like to push continuing the quarterly reports that somehow seem
to got lost by the beginning of this year.

It might not be needed at all to be on the board for these plans -
that's totally up to you to decide.
I can just offer my help here.
Obviously I like doing grunt work (triaging) and as I was involved in
local politics for a few years I naively expect it to be a bit similar
to that experience. ;-)


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