Re: Candidacy: Lionel Dricot

Martyn Russell <martyn lanedo com> a écrit:

> That's always needed too of course, but when you have potential
> customers asking who can provide support for projects X, Y and Z, do
> you really want to be in a position where you have no answer?

Oh, you mean when a potential customer comes to the /Foundation Board/,
asking that question?

I didn't understand it that way.  Sorry to ask a question as a reply,
but does that happen already?  If yes, how did the board handle it so

> IMO it also means the customer may suffer because they either can't
> find the support they're looking for or the wrong support from someone
> else.
>> We are a non-profit organisation with limited resources.  Communicating
>> around the commercial offering of /one/ company can be a
>> non-straightforward exercise, when you want to do it right.  Even more
>> for the commercial offerings of /several/ companies.  Do we really want
>> to take that route?
> Yes I believe we do, when people are choosing opposing toolkits
> because it appears as if GTK+ has no commercial support, that's a lack
> of communication IMO.

Let's talk about specifics.  Did the clients choose e.g, Qt because KDE
e.V markets Trolltech's offerings or, do they do so because Trolltech is
better at communicating?

> What are your concerns about communicating GNOME's commercial
> offerings?

My concern is that we'd try to address a real issue at a wrong level
and, incidentally, turning what should be a place to set and nurture a
vendor-neutral level playing field into a place uselessly cluttered by
vendors' ads.

I guess if what you want is just to maintain a web page of companies who
have something to sell around our "stack", I wouldn't have much concern.
But then I am not sure you need to be on the board for that.

Of course I assume you mean well.  I am just not convinced about the
efficiency of for-profit entities delegating their marketing to


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