Re: Candidacy: Emmanuele Bassi

2011/5/21 Emmanuele Bassi <ebassi gmail com>:
> On 2011-05-21 at 23:18, Guido Iodice wrote:
>> > first of all: at no point in my email I talked about Linux-only, and
>> > least of all, at no point I've written Fedora. so that's that, and I
>> > think you're projecting the flamewar on d-d-l here — so I'll kindly
>> > ask you to stop right there.
>> Fedora is an example. You did miss the point.
> an example of what? and you did miss *my* point in the first place. the
> idea is not to standardize GNOME on a distribution — *any* distribution.
> the goal is to make distributions based on GNOME's requirements.

well, that appears a reasonable goal but think to consequences: each
distributor or alternative OS that is in disagree with GNOME
requirements should patch it or drop it. What is the most probable
consequence when GNOME and $distribution or $alternative_os will
diverge deeply? It is that they will adopt xfce or kde.

That is a (bad) scenario you can't exclude. How to prevent it?

But a-bit-less-worst scenario isn't comforting anyway. You see, today
the most spread distro with GNOME use another Shell, another notify
framework and another tray area API. To have an idea about
consequences of "GNOME OS", multiply this by 10 ore 20. Someone said
"fragmentation"? ;-)

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