Re: Candidacy: Emmanuele Bassi

On 2011-05-21 at 23:18, Guido Iodice wrote:
> > first of all: at no point in my email I talked about Linux-only, and
> > least of all, at no point I've written Fedora. so that's that, and I
> > think you're projecting the flamewar on d-d-l here — so I'll kindly
> > ask you to stop right there.
> Fedora is an example. You did miss the point.

an example of what? and you did miss *my* point in the first place. the
idea is not to standardize GNOME on a distribution — *any* distribution.
the goal is to make distributions based on GNOME's requirements.

> > second of all: "lock in" with an open source project is a ridiculous
> > statement.
> It's not so ridiculous. If a FLOSS project works for many years only
> on a specific platform, it could be hard to port it on another
> platform.

being "hard to port" is not locking in; but you're right: we need to
facilitate the discussion between levels of the stack not maintained by
GNOME developers. that is why I wrote:

| the next step for GNOME, and what I'd like to work towards, is to have
| the GNOME project mandate a series of low-level components (hopefully
| across different kernels, if the guys working on Solaris and *BSD
| collaborate with us whilst designing and implementing the features)

in my reply to Richard.


in all seriousness, though: F/L/OSS is made by those who show up. this
is not software development camp: it's not important that everyone gets
to play. if the developers of a particular platform want to make GNOME
work with their technologies they should be participating in the
discussion, and not arrive two years later and experience difficulties
porting code. the role of the Foundation is to make GNOME a place open
to discussion, and offer a central venue for getting the people working
on GNOME together.



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