Re: Website content licensing


Vincent Untz wrote:
> I think you're referring to the footer on the web page? I believe the
> GNOME project being marked as copyright holder here is just a way to say
> "copyright held by many contributors to the GNOME project". I don't
> think anybody signed any paper to assign copyrights for the website
> changes that were done to the Foundation.
> So to answer your question: it is probably more complex than what you're
> hoping :/

While I don't wish to ride slipshod over copyright law, I think you're
over-thinking this. We can cover >90% of the contributors with one mail
to f-l, and unless anyone objects to the licence change, Just Do It.

If someone objects, then we need to either remove or re-write the
content they contributed.

If after the relicencing someone comes out of the woodwork to object,
then we can rewrite or remove their contribution, or convince them to

Since most of the content of the site is being rewritten or edited, and
I believe that everyone (including myself) who has contributed content
to did so on the understanding that the content was being
given to the project, I do not think that in practice we will have any


Dave Neary
GNOME Foundation member
dneary gnome org

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