Starting the process for this year's Boston Summit

Hello all,

I'm going to be starting the process for setting up the Boston Summit.  That basically means getting the space at MIT and then a budget from the board.  Last year we saw an issue with the timing of other GNOME related conferences.  This year we have a choice of two dates, Columbus day weekend, October 9th-11th or piggyback the weekend after the Linux Plumbers conference, November 6th-8th.   

I'm leaning towards keeping Columbus day weekend because it is easier to get rooms, and it reduces confusion by having it at the same time every year.

The reasons for piggybacking the Plumbers conference is that a number of our fellow GNOMies will already be in Boston and we might get a few stragglers from other parts of the Linux stack to stop by and offer their perspective.

I want to get the foundation members' opinion on this.  Ultimately it will be up to the board to make a final decision but I plan to have a concrete date by the middle of June if not sooner.

I hope you are all getting excited to reflect on the work done in the past year and plan the future of the GNOME platform.  I hope to see as many of you as possible at GUADEC and the Boston Summit this year!

John (J5) Palmieri
Software Engineer
Red Hat, Inc.

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