Re: Starting the process for this year's Boston Summit

Hi John.

> This year we have a choice of two dates, Columbus day weekend, October
> 9th-11th or piggyback the weekend after the Linux Plumbers conference,
> November 6th-8th.   

Put me down in the November column.

> I'm leaning towards keeping Columbus day weekend because it is easier
> to get rooms, and it reduces confusion by having it at the same time
> every year.


> The reasons for piggybacking the Plumbers conference is that a number
> of our fellow GNOMies will already be in Boston and we might get a few
> stragglers from other parts of the Linux stack to stop by and offer
> their perspective.

That would be awesome. 

Another reason is that at least some GNOMies will be in Spain for AEGIS
and coming back on the 9th. Or in the case of those in Europe, coming
here on the 9th. Either way, this literally back-to-back pair of events
is going to be harsh for those of us wanting to attend both.

Take care.

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