Re: Meeting Minutes Published - March 18, 2010

Le jeudi 25 mars 2010, à 15:56 -0500, Brian Cameron a écrit :
>     * Code of Conduct and the Speaker Guidelines
>           o The board decided to vote to approve the proposed Code of
>             Conduct and Speaker Guidelines at the next board meeting,
>             and to require new Foundation members to sign them.
>             Foundation members are encouraged to provide any feedback,
>             ideas, or concerns before the next board meeting.

Oops, missing link here:

Matthew Garrett came with the first draft for those guidelines, and
Murray Cumming improved the wording, so thanks to both of them! Also
thanks to the advisory board for some initial feedback on the proposal.

(I also need to check, but for the Code of Conduct, I think we said
we'll vote on making it a requirement for new Foundation members, and
not on approving the Code of Conduct itself)



Les gens heureux ne sont pas pressés.

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