Re: GNOME Speaker Guidelines

Hey Stormy.

> Perhaps we could replace the above text with something like this:
> "If someone in your talk is offended, please try to avoid a
> conversation about whether or not they should be offended. Remember
> our community is very diverse and while we all share a common mission
> to provide a free GNOME desktop to the world, we do not always share
> religions, politics and other views. Focus on the subject of your talk
> and stick to the issues being discussed without making them personal.
> As the speaker, you may have to remind the audience of this. While
> it's hard, do your best to do it in a neutral, non argumentative way.
> Suggest that topics not relevant to GNOME (raised by you or others in
> the audience) be moved to a more appropriate non-GNOME forum. If you
> need help, please contact the GNOME board or GNOME Foundation member.
> But don't worry! These problems do not happen very often - we are just
> trying to help you out if they do. Most audiences are very friendly
> and welcoming of topics about GNOME.
> Please go out and speak about GNOME and enjoy!"


Thank you.


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