Re: [gnu-prog-discuss] GNU hackers meeting & GUADEC 2011 colocation?

At Mon, 25 Jan 2010 15:27:57 +0100,
Andy Wingo wrote:
> So inspired by Vincent's recent mail, let this be a mini-proposal for
> GHM co-location with the 2011 GUADEC. The ideal needs would be one
> smallish (40-50 people) room for three days. GHM events have had some
> funding attached to them in the past, enough to support them; while of
> course I can't predict the future, GNU probably could help support costs
> of the venue, when the time comes to discuss that.

From the GNU side, it is definitely useful to colocate with another
event.  So if it is possible to do that at GUADEC in the future I
think it would be a good thing.


Brian Gough
(former GHM organiser)

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