Re: GNOME Foundation and CEO Goals

I would like to see us all agree on GNOME Foundation goals and then work on how I can best make those happen.

So far we've gotten very little feedback on what people think the GNOME Foundation should accomplish in 2010.

I've put together a short survey if you'd like to weigh in that way.

Please take a minute and rank the GNOME Foundation 2010 goals:



On Mon, Jan 25, 2010 at 11:54 AM, Brian Cameron <Brian Cameron sun com> wrote:


I think there is more value in suggesting ways that the CEO goals should
be refocused.  However, there has been little discussion about that so
far.  How would you suggest improving the goals and metrics to ensure
that concerns that you have are better addressed moving forward?

For starters I can honestly say that opening things up as you did with
this original email is a great step forward! To be clear, making this
type of information open (that is not to say it wasn't before) and
making people aware of it is what led me to ask about those things.
Making more information like this (perhaps even telling people where
to find it) available to the general public will definitely help to
get more feedback and constructive criticism.

Agreed.  Striving towards more open and transparent process is something
that we always are striving to do a better job.  It would be good to
develop more specific metrics, though, of what we would like to see
going forward.  What are the areas the board needs to focus on in this
area the most?  Also, in terms of Stormy's bonus, what sorts of things
can she do specifically to help?

I'd love to see
milestones related to getting localization and accessibility teams on
the roadmap for 2010 and holding sprints/what-not with members of
these teams to see how to make GNOME more accessible to people who's
first language is not English and for those who cannot currently use
GNOME due to some limitation. One metric could be, how many different
languages with a total percentage of less or equal to 50% translated
strings have improved within the next release cycle? How many kept at
80% or above? How can the Foundation help to improve these numbers?

Goals like this are great in terms of general GNOME Foundation goals.
However, since we are working towards creating metrics for the CEO
specifically, what work can the CEO do to help achieve this goal and
how should we measure a bonus based on this sort of goal?

We could just give the CEO a bonus if the GNOME project meets certain
general goals, regardless of whether the CEO is involved in that
project or not.  However, this probably isn't the best way to develop
an incentive plan.

Are there organizations already using GNOME to attend their
accessibility needs? Are there any goals related to making GNOME more
accessible? Would it make sense to spend a release cycle and focus on
improving these areas? Have we got any metrics on the progress (or
lack of) of work being done in these areas?

Many people do use GNOME's accessibility features, based on the
discussions on the gnome-accessibility-list.  The GNOME a11y team
does have goals like working towards making GNOME shell and other
clutter-based programs accessible, WebKit accessibility, etc.

Again, if we want to focus on such goals in terms of CEO performance,
we need to think about what work the CEO can specifically do to
drive these goals forward.

This was just a quick braindump but I could get more specific if
needed. Basically, I'd love to see reports on how these areas playout
in the overall picture of our roadmap for 2010 and what our CEO's plan
is to improve them.

Indeed.  Our hope is that we can develop these via community discussion
since it is more likely the the GNOME Foundation and CEO will best push
overall GNOME community goals if we decide such things after discussion.
However, there really have not been many comments so far, so I hope
that is just because it takes people some time to consider all the
information.  It's a lot to think about and consider.


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