Re: GNOME Foundation and CEO Goals

Thank you for your reply John.

>  The bonuses both reflect pie in the sky,
> you are probably never going to get this done items to more mundane items
> which none the less, contribute to the growth of the foundation.

I just felt that goals such as:

     $500 - Improving relations with the advisory board, starting
            regular 1-on-1 meetings with them, etc.
     $250 - Improving relations with the community (keynotes, blogs)
     $500 - Working with the board.
   $1,000 - For being the eyes & ears of GNOME.  The quarterly report,
            advisory board relations & meetings.

would be things that are not in the "pie in the sky" category and
should be assumed something any CEO would do for a company. Not saying
that the practice of awarding bonuses to CEOs is not something
companies do, but am questioning some of the goals themselves.

Og B. Maciel

omaciel foresightlinux org
ogmaciel gnome org
ogmaciel ubuntu com

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