Re: GNOME Foundation and CEO Goals

On 01/25/2010 01:44 PM, Og Maciel wrote:
get more feedback and constructive criticism. I'd love to see
milestones related to getting localization and accessibility teams on
the roadmap for 2010 and holding sprints/what-not with members of
these teams to see how to make GNOME more accessible to people who's
first language is not English and for those who cannot currently use
GNOME due to some limitation. One metric could be, how many different
languages with a total percentage of less or equal to 50% translated
strings have improved within the next release cycle? How many kept at
80% or above? How can the Foundation help to improve these numbers?
Are there organizations already using GNOME to attend their
accessibility needs? Are there any goals related to making GNOME more
accessible? Would it make sense to spend a release cycle and focus on
improving these areas? Have we got any metrics on the progress (or
lack of) of work being done in these areas?

Those are great goals for gnome overall, but I don't think they have much to do with Stormy's actual duties. Do they?

- Mike

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