Re: Thanks, and a Brief Survey

Hi, I'm not a Foundation member, but I would like to do some suggestions:

> The GNOME Foundation believes in free software and promotes free software but
> that does not mean that GNOME is anti-proprietary software. We believe,
> promote, use and write free software.

This is a self contradictory statement.
Free software was born to replace proprietary software. I.e. GNOME was born to replace KDE when it was dependent by QT.

But anti-proprietary is a bad word, it miss the point that is propositive, not negative.

I thik that a good statement should be:

"The GNOME Foundation believes in free software and promotes it as a reliable alternative* to proprietary software."

* or "a reliable replacement"

Sometimes those companies are
> proprietary software companies 

Most of main software companies are not only-proprietary software companies, i.e. Google, Oracle/SUN, Intel, etc.

A statement like this:

"Sometimes those companies products proprietary software too, and while ...."

is more accurate.

guido iodice gmail com

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