Re: Thanks, and a Brief Survey

>>   "The project must be free/open source software."

That text ought to say, simply, "The project must be free software".

Adding "open source" makes the meaning less clear.  There are open
source licenses which are not free; "/open source" introduces
uncertainty about whether those licenses are acceptable.  Deleting
those words would make it clear.

The words "/open source" also create doubt about whether GNOME is
aligned with the free software movement.  Could you please fix that?

    The release team goes further for official modules and states:

    Free-ness: Apps must be under a Free or Open license

This is a more serious problem, because those words definitely imply
that some non-free licenses (those which are "open") are acceptable.
It could lead people to think they should be able to include programs
which are not free software.

Can someone please fix that?

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