Re: Thanks, and a Brief Survey

On 1/17/10 12:48 PM, "Shaun McCance" <shaunm gnome org> wrote:
>> To the best of my knowledge, that policy has never been written down.
>> That is because there is and always has been a very, very, very clear
>> and common understanding that this is the policy. It takes almost
>> willful ignorance of our history, culture and policy to suggest
>> otherwise.
> Perhaps less official because it's just on the wiki, but:
>   "The project must be free/open source software."

Ah. That's fine. "Free/open source software". I have no issue with this, and
it would, in fact, seem to support what I've been saying.

> But yes, Luis, I wholly agree with you.  I can't imagine why
> anybody would ever think it's OK to host non-free software
> on

Did anyone say that they thought it was "OK to host non-free software on"? I'm pretty sure I never suggested anything like that. Please let
me know where I might have inadvertently created such an impression, if
indeed I did.

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