Re: New GNOME Foundation Members

2010/2/12 Juanjo Marin <juanj marin juntadeandalucia es>:
> On Thu, 2010-02-11 at 10:31 -0300, Bruno Boaventura wrote:
>> Hello everybody!
>> The GNOME Foundation Membership Committee is proud to present the new members:
>>  - Bradley M. Kuhn
>>  - Holger Berndt
>>  - Jim Evins
>>  - Joanmarie Diggs
>>  - Juan Jose Marin Martinez
> Hi there,
> I'm the last guy. I've made a few small contributions to GNOME,
> specially small patches to Evince. I was lucky because these patches
> help me to obtain my Master Thesis on Free Software.
> I'm happy for being "officially" part of GNOME :)

Hey Juanjo!

Glad to see you here ;)

And for the other new members I don't know: welcome too!

Javier Jardón Cabezas

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