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> Also, there should be a clear distinction whether an addon is Gnome
> approved (meaning it is reviewed, translated, probably hosted in the
> gnome git somewhere) or the work of a freelance dev. Distributions are
> welcome to keep  packaging  any of the addons, as they do now, but
> normally the maintainer's cost of distributing 100 or more addons
> would be too high (in my opinion). In this sense, I would love to have
> an easy way of installing add-ons that does not require you to copy
> files to some hidden directories. We should have a command line
> gnome-addon install add-on-name, which will download and install the
> add-on. That would be really neat in my opinion.

While I would rather vote for a more complete "GNOME Appstore" solution
in the far future (possibly based on OpenSuSE build service), some
points to note:

* This will only work for scripted plugins Python, Javascript, Ruby
* All compiled languages will suffer depedency problems
* It would mean that we install executable things into the user's home
directory. Some admins might not like this though of course mozilla does
the same. Security is an important point here.

It is also a rather huge maintaince burden to check that the plugin
works with the installed version of an application.

But nevertheless, go for it if you have the time, it sounds like a good
idea! Especially for the upcoming gnome-shell addons it could be a
perfect place.


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