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El dg 08 de 08 de 2010 a les 08:55 -0400, en/na Jose Aliste va escriure:
> Hi All,
> I sent this to the gnome-web-list but there was instructed to send it
> here, so it can be more widely discussed (and maybe also in the next
> gnome foundation meeting)


Thanks for taking the time to re-send on foundation-list.

> The idea is simple (but long and complex to implement). I would love
> to have a site, so we can have nice database with
> plugins and other addons for desktop apps. The idea would be to
> "borrow" ideas from the addons site of mozilla and it should support
> different types of add-ons (for instance, for gedit, we have plugins,
> language files, style-themes to name a few).
> So what do you think about this?

I really think that this will make GNOME a more appealing desktop.

If applications are enabled to use it and with one-click download and
install them would make easier to convert users to developers since
users can feel more easily to contribute an add-on (i.e. my favorite
color scheme for gedit) than contributing directly to gedit.

My concerns are mostly about sysadmin work, servers capacity and

For the first should not be a problem since the foundation is planning
to hire a sysadmin and there's also the volunteers (which I just added
me on the mailinglist)

The second and third are the hard ones, do we have resources to by and
host a servers or a farm of servers to be able to cope up with the user


> Greetings,
> José
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