Re: Code of Conduct and Foundation membership

I'm trying to stay out of the discussion at least today.  But:

On 11/25/2009 12:49 PM, Dave Neary wrote:

Lionel Dricot wrote:
Do you think that many people were turned out of the GNOME community
because of an hostile experience? I don't think so.  (I might be wrong, I
just never met anybody that has a bad experience).

Some names of good contributors who have drifted away from GNOME, at
least partly because of the tone of discourse:

This is entirely misleading. "at least partly" doesn't mean anything. Is this the ten people you said you can name off the top of your head? Other than Telsa and partially Ross, have any other ones expressed to you or publicly that they left GNOME "at least partly because of the tone of discourse"? And when did Jorge drifted away from GNOME? Last I checked he was around just fine. And Google blackhole had no part?

Dave Camp
Seth Nickell
Alex Graveley
Telsa Gwynne
Jacob Berkmann
Ross Golder
Daniel Veillard
Joe Shaw
Jorge Castro

Another bunch of people who are still around the free software world,
but who no longer consider themselves GNOME community members - I can't
speak to their motivations, of course:

Nat Friedman
Miguel de Icaza
Glynn Foster
Jeff Waugh
Jody Goldberg
Bill Hanneman
Malcolm Tredinnick
Mark McLoughlin
George Lebl

Some of these people are still members of the foundation, but none of
them have been seen around for a long while.

You have an assumption that when in, people are supposed to stay in for the rest of their life. That assumption is wrong. People come and go all the time. People move away and work on different things. Either because of their job changes or changing personal interest, or for a whole variety of other reasons. If you want to count all the hackers who once hacked on GNOME but don't anymore go ahead, but don't use that to wrongly justify your point.


Acceptable collateral damage for having unfettered freedom of speech?


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