Re: Code of Conduct and Foundation membership

Le mercredi 25 nov. 2009 à 10:35:46 (-0700), Stormy Peters a écrit:
> When bad behaviour happens we talk about it a lot but nothing happens.

I respectfully disagree. There have been cases on our lists where people
did act like "Dicks", in ebassi's words, and they have been frankly and openly
said so. I would not qualify that as "nothing" especially on our public forums where
everything is archived and searchable. I have at least one case in mind
where the person in question did calm down after that :-)

I'd rather encourage people to speak up when someone is clearly misbehaving
instead of secretely going to ring the bell of the politburo police door.

> Dave says, people (good contributors in many cases) just leave.

Well, that is very arguable. New good contributors join too.
Moreover if you informally compare the tone of the discussions on our forum, I am
not sure it's any "worse" than, say on the linux kernel mailing list. But
at least on the lkml, if you misbehave, you are likely to feel the pressure
quite directly. Are you sure they are loosing more contributors than us
because of that?


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