Re: What do you think of the foundation?

john palmieri wrote:

> The board should not mire itself in conflict resolution like this, just
> like it does not make technical decitions.  The boards role is to obtain
> and distribute resources and make sure those resources are used in
> efficent ways.  That is enormous power as it is.  Giving it a
> policing/judicial role would be a mistake.  I could imagine some
> extremist contingent getting a majority and then anyone who got fed up
> with their retoric and let slip a fuck you to them on the list would
> suddenly find their account disabled.  The door swings both ways there
> which is the problem with trying to control speach.

I think the board has the responsibility to ensure conflict resolution takes place when disputes arise and are not naturally resolved; and act as a court of "last resort" in appeals to disputes that cannot be resolved by those directly involved or those delegated to review and resolve a situation.
                         - Jim

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