Re: GNOME Travel Committee & Travel Policy: A proposal for consideration and feedback

Hi Stormy,

Nice work!

Stormy Peters wrote:
> == Travel Policy Proposal ==
> Travel reimbursement policy proposal. Currently, the GNOME Foundation's
> general policy is to reimburse travel and lodging. It has been proposed
> to have the sponsored travelers pay some of the costs. By doing so,
> people would be encouraged to spend money wisely and it would enable us
> to fund more people. Exceptions could always be made on a case by case
> basis (like maybe for students) or on an event basis (like for a
> particular hackfest.)
> Current policy: Transportation and lodging only.
> Proposed policy: Total transportation and lodging minus €200 or 15%
> (which ever is greater.) The amount to be agreed on before hand between
> the travel committee and the traveler. Documented on the application form.

The principle of a €200 participation when the foundation has been
sollicited seems like a good one to me.

The foundation should have as its goal to be an enabler for as many
people as possible, and making foundation funding a travel subsidy
rather than covering 100% of expenses seems like a good idea for me.

Of course, this is when someone asks the foundation to pay for their
ticket - and nothing prevents the board from waiving some of this and
paying on a need basis, or covering expenses in situations where the
foundation is specifically asking someone to travel (if they're a key
person for a hackfest, or if they're traveling at our behest to speak at
a conference or organise a stand).


Dave Neary
GNOME Foundation member
dneary gnome org

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