Re: GNOME Travel Committee & Travel Policy: A proposal for consideration and feedback

Stormy Peters wrote:
> Proposed policy: Total transportation and lodging minus €200 or 15%
> (which ever is greater.) The amount to be agreed on before hand
> between the travel committee and the traveler. Documented on the
> application form.
> Please let us know your thoughts or if you'd like to help out on the
> travel committee.

What about "cash-flow"

If you demographics for travel assistance is people that don't have much
fund, they requiring them to pay upfront the airfare several month in
advance to eventually partially reimburse them later isn't very useful.
Cash-strapped is cash-strapped.

Not to be picky or antyhing but if today I'm offered to get sponsored to
go to a conference but have to pay upfront and wait several month to get
reimbursed, I'd refuse.

Just giving my feedback.


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