possible GNU licence violation in "Netleverage Thinpoint and/or Universal Desktop" - voilation relates to both rdesktop and CUPS(apple)

Hello All,
I have come across a piece of software that appears to violate the GPL (and possibly the LGPL).
I am attempting to advise you all, as instructed in the following link:

If you re not the responsible parties for this in regard to rdesktop(matthewm), and CUPS(apple), please forward this to the party yout think is responsible for following licence violations up.!

David B.

The software of concern is the Thinpoint aka AppsPoint aka Netpoint aka Universal Desktop aka Desktra software, all of these are by Netleverage.
Please note, I mention all these software titles as it's very difficult to differentiate these products, but I will provide precise details on how I come to suspect most or all of these:

The steps I performed to become aware of the possible violation are:

NetLeverage AppsPoint Linux Desktop client.
Based on ThinPoint server, rdesktop client, GTK+2, CUPS and RDP.

Performing a "strings" of this binary identified a number of references to rdesktop, windowmanagers, and printing , which supports the statement that the above application makes.

So, in trying to identify the binary, I had to use the titles Universal Desktop and Desktra, and the binary itself identified itself as being part of AppsPoint and ThinPoint (and Linux, even though I'm on a Mac!), but all of these are Netleverage titles, so the entity that appreas to be in violation is clear, even if the precise name of the software title is not.

So, I will now give as much info as I have been able to determine regarding answering the questions that the GNU URL above lists:
no, not that I have ben able to determine.
no, not that I have ben able to determine.no, definitely not.
just binaries, and a couple of shell scripts, one of which is called xinitrc, and has this string in it: "# $Id: xinitrc,v 2005/02/24 22:35:39 akosut Exp $"
no souce code at all, so its clearly incomplete.

If there seems to be a real violation, the next thing you need to do is record the details carefully:

see above. I think I would refer to this as "MacPoint"?
NetLeverage Pty Ltd
17 International Business Centre
Australian Technology Park, Garden St.
Eveleigh, NSW, 1430
CEO: Mr Stephen Hasani
Telephone: (+612) 9209 4446
Fax: (+612) 9209 4399
see above.
both rdesktop and  CUPS

And finally, I have confirmed that both of these products ( CUPS and rdesktop)  are licenced under the GPL, but GTK+2 is not, and thus it's licence has not been violated.

rdesktop License : GNU General Public License (GPL)  ( http://sourceforge.net/projects/rdesktop/ )

extract from CUPS licence info: (http://www.cups.org/documentation.php/license.html )
The Common UNIX Printing SystemTM, ("CUPSTM"), is provided under the GNU General Public License ("GPL") and GNU Library General Public License ("LGPL"), Version 2, with exceptions for Apple operating systems and the OpenSSL toolkit. ....You must provide source for any changes or additions to the software, and all code must be provided under the GPL or LGPL as appropriate.....
Apple Inc. owns CUPS as of February 2007.

extract from GTK+2 licence info:
GTK+2 uses the LGPL allowing development of both free and proprietary software with GTK+ without any license fees or royalties.

Sorry for the long-winded email, bnut I wanted to be thorough.

David Bussenschutt
concerned netizen.

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