Vote to fork Gnome.

Hello. Excuse me for introducing myself in such a shocking manner. Given the circumstances though I felt it was appropriate. The recent discussions about a vote to have Gnome pull out of Gnu are misguided in form. 

In the end if Gnome were to pull out of Gnu, I feel that would be a group of people who would fork Gnome and form a new organization that supports Gnu. Furthermore, while less certain that a fork of Gnome would happen should the foundation decide to remain a part of Gnu, I feel the likely hood of a fork is very great. Therefore the almost inevitable result of a vote to pull out of Gnu would be a fork of Gnome.

I thus think that "should Gnome pull out of Gnu" is the wrong form form the vote. I think the more appropriate form would be "should Gnome fork into two organizations, one that remains in Gnu and one that pulls out of Gnu" is the more appropriate form.

I know that I have no credibility to make such suggestions but I hope that members will give my suggestion some consideration.

Thank You 
Handy Gandy.

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