Re: foundation-list Digest, Vol 68, Issue 13


> I have a personal blog and when I asked to add my 
> posts, I gave them the RSS feed corresponding to posts under the tag 
> OpenMoko.
> Perhaps it would be a simpler suggestion to pass on the aggregated 
> bloggers that after date X only posts with the tag GNOME will be aggregated?

Planet GNOME was always intended to show the whole life of the hackers
as far as they want to publish it. That's why we have blogs about
cooking, hiking and other things and it makes things much more
interesting from my perspective. And you can always skip posts you don't
want to read.

Can I raise another question: I really don't want to see GNOME leaving
the GNU project but I also don't understand why we should. RMS is
criticizing us which is perfectly OK but he never threatened to through
us out of the project.

If our community decides on something that happens to be incompatible
with the GNU Project than they (I mean the FSF, not RMS) are free to
tell us and in the end are free to through us out. But at the point we
are now and don't think that's the case and I really hope that whatever
Planet GNOME is or will be shouldn't affect this very much because it's
a really small part of the project.

Actually I feel this becomes a quite useless flamewar because 99% of the
members of the GNOME community like Planet GNOME like it is now.


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