Re: foundation-list Digest, Vol 68, Issue 13

Em 11-12-2009 18:20, Brian Cameron escreveu:

If there is enough people to do a vote, that's great.

My vote: -1

I do not think that people should be discouraged from suggesting rules
for the GNOME community, and a reaction like leaving the GNU community
because Richard made a suggestion could be interpreted that way, I
think. We can always say "no".

Richard Stallman said:

There are many ways to implement such a rule, of which "block the whole
blog" is about the toughest one we might consider. I'd suggest rather
to try a mild approach; I'm sure that can do the job.

Richard's suggestion that a "mild approach" may be appropriate does not
seem over-the-top to me. Perhaps a "mild approach" could be something
simple like a disclaimer on planet that highlights that "some
information on planet may advertise non-free software, and we want to
make clear that GNOME does not endorse non-free software and instead
encourages people to consider free alternatives." might be a reasonably
mild and acceptable solution? I would prefer to see such a disclaimer,

Perhaps we should also make the disclaimer say something about hunting.

I have a personal blog and when I asked to add my posts, I gave them the RSS feed corresponding to posts under the tag OpenMoko.

Perhaps it would be a simpler suggestion to pass on the aggregated bloggers that after date X only posts with the tag GNOME will be aggregated?


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