Re: Software relicensing, how is it done ?

On Thu, Oct 30, 2008 at 11:55 PM, Richard M. Stallman <rms gnu org> wrote:
> Why do you want to relicense Glade under the GNU Lesser GPL?
> The current license, the GNU GPL, seems more appropriate since
> it prevents the release of non-free extensions of Glade.

   Basically, the glade core is intended to serve as a library to
edit glade files, making the glade core available under LGPL
in my understanding will allow people to use that library in a
commercial IDE, while modifying the core and redistributing it
means that their modifications must also be distributed;
I'm comfortable with that, and I also wouldn't mind if the project
received a little more attention (since the current license bars
the glade core from use in any commercial IDE),
I love seeing it in Anjuta, I would love to see it all over the place :)

In a utopic situation, glade being available in bleeding edge IDEs
could even help draw attention to Gtk+ and GNOME.

It also wasnt exactly clearly stated that glade isn't
just a static application but mainly a core library
with plugins.

Btw Im something of a fan of your work and admittedly
a little flattered to receive your mail Richard :D


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