Re: Can we improve things?

On Wed, 2007-09-12 at 09:13 +1000, Jeff Waugh wrote:
> <quote who="Federico Mena Quintero">
> > We have no editorial control.  Get over it :)
> We absolutely *do* have editorial control at the moment. The challenge I
> have at the moment is to continue that, while improving what people see to
> be the drawbacks of the current process (which can almost entirely be
> summarised as slow response particularly when I'm travelling).

I don't want to turn this into "we do", "we don't" ping-pong.

What I mean is that once you are syndicated in Planet, you can post
whatever you want.

That's why we have people posting all sorts of things that are not
related to GNOME:  music festivals, science fiction books, recipes,
vacation photos, political editorials, the roof of my house, "dear
lazyweb", etc.

And that's a *good* thing.  I'm as annoyed as anyone by certain kinds of
posts, but I can simply ignore them (or make my tools ignore them - wish
this were documented).  Controlling the topic-ness of posts would be

The current "editorial control" is simply more or less "if you ever did
something peripherally related to GNOME, you can be on Planet,
regardless of what you post".


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