Re: GNOME dependent on Mono

    >     And for as much threatening as Microsoft does around IP, they're not
    >     particularly active in litigating on it.

    > When the issue is about patent law, saying "intellectual property"
    > instead of "patents" only tends to confuse the issue, by spuriously
    > extending it to copyrights, trademarks, and other totally different
    > laws.

    I actually meant both patents and copyrights, so I think my
    characterization was accurate.

If you mean patents and copyrights, please say "patents and
copyrights".  Saying "intellectual property" takes in a dozen other
laws (such as trademark law) that don't relate to the issue, so it can
turn accurate statements into inaccurate ones.

However, even saying "patents and copyrights" seems like a distraction
from the issue at hand.  Patents are relevant to the use of Mono and C#, but copyrights
are not.

The fact that Microsoft has not yed sued us over these patents might
be relevant -- though I've heard that Microsoft is privately
threatening companies that run free software and demanding they pay.

If Microsoft also has not sued in some case concerning copyright, that
case must be very different from this one, and I don't think it
relevant to this discussion.

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