Re: GNOME dependent on Mono

Hi Richard,

Richard Stallman wrote:
> We are talking at cross purposes.  The issue I raised is not whether a
> person _can_ write a program in C#; Microsoft might try to stop him,
> but we will not.  The question is whether these programs are treated
> as part of GNOME, and to what extent other parts of GNOME use them,
> and what other GNOME developers are asked to do in regard to them.
> The GNOME Foundation ought to have something to say about that.

Indeed - the Foundation board has enfranchised the release team, a group
accountable to the board and the membership, to decide exactly that.

Vincent Untz posted our Mono policy yesterday, which states very clearly
GNOME's stance on the issue. No part of the core platform can depend on
Mono, and no part of the desktop suit can pick up a new Mono dependency
without going through the module approval process again. A Mono
dependency does not exclude an application from consideration as part of
the GNOME desktop suite, or of any suite other than the core development


Dave Neary
GNOME Foundation member
bolsh gnome org

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