Re: Question to candidates: what about next ODF?

    Microsoft haven't done so publicly thus far, but the risk is there,

(Reports are that they often do this privately to great effect.)

									and we
    will endeavour to make it absolutely clear that our participation does not
    imply endorsement, contribution or support. We've taken one step already
    with our statement on our participation, and you are sure to see more in the

I am glad that we will see more.  On issues like these, the whole
community needs to pull together.

Such action for the larger free software community is one example of
the issue that my second question was intended to raise--namely,
issues important to the community's health in general.

Some candidates answered my question it by stating the intent to
contribute to the community through the development of GNOME
itself--and in no other way.  In effect, those statements imply that
the GNOME Foundation would disregard the larger issues of the
community.  Perhaps some would like to post a new answer.

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