Re: GNOME dependent on Mono

<quote who="Joe Shaw">

> It's been frustrating over the past few years that GNOME hasn't taken a
> firm position on the issue.


> I suspect there hasn't been anything firm because (a) there is quite a bit
> of division within the community on the issue and (b) there is some
> element of "walking on eggshells" around Novell and its endorsement of the
> environment.


Also, I think much of the issue has moved on from legal paranoia to concerns
about adopting a strategy perceived as Microsoft-friendly (at least among
those who don't adopt a knee-jerk, black-and-white approach to such issues).

> I agree this isn't really something that the foundation can force, but
> even "asking politely" in an official capacity would be a step in the
> right direction.

The Foundation asking politely of developers with regards to their choices,
or Novell (or any developer advocating Mono) asking politely of the GNOME
Foundation with regards to a policy? My feeling on past discussions about
this at the Foundation (or Advisory Board) level is that it has been other
participants, not generally Novell, that have pursued the discussion. Maybe
Novell raising the issue would be a good thing.

- Jeff

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