Re: academic cooperation


Kevin Kubasik wrote:
> While research is awesome, I know there are also classes that just
> require students to track an open source project and eventually submit
> a patch (its more the process thats being taught then the actual
> coding itself, how to work within an existing framework) I know the
> University of Maryland has such a class, I think that closer
> integration with classes like these could be invaluable. Think, a long
> list of (not impossible, but more than 1 or 2 line fixes) bugs that we
> could share with a school or class, the flip side is of course that we
> would need some major man hours to be available for patch review and
> comment etc. (Think GSoC maybe?)

I know of a masters in free software in Calais, France, where students
have practical projects in free software - going from short exercises to
longer multi-month projects.

Perhaps GNOME could look to participate?


Dave Neary
GNOME Foundation member
bolsh gnome org

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