Re: academic cooperation


Le jeudi 08 novembre 2007, à 08:45 -0500, Dr. Michael J. Chudobiak a écrit :
> Has gotten stuck?

The wiki page, yes, but not the idea :-)

I'm working with a French professor doing a computer science course and
using GNOME as a basis for the projects. Also, David Bolter put me in
contact with a professor who's interested in having students do some
GNOME-related projects. There's also a group of three students who want
to do their bachelor degree project on GNOME.

So there's some progress happening in the "teaching with GNOME" part.
Nothing major in the research part so far, I believe.

> Has the promised mailing list happened?

Not yet. The creation request is waiting for a nice sysadmin. The
mailing list would really help track what's happening in this area...

> Can I help?
> The thread on this list seemed to die out in August with no further action.

Well, if you have any contact in a university, you can discuss with them
about all this and see what they're thinking. If you have ideas, put
them on the wiki (and we'll discuss everything on the mailing list once
it's created).

The effort didn't die. It could go faster, but it's still going :-)


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