Re: academic cooperation

Fernando San Mart�Woerner wrote:
I'm working with a French professor doing a computer science course and
using GNOME as a basis for the projects. Also, David Bolter put me in
contact with a professor who's interested in having students do some
GNOME-related projects. There's also a group of three students who want
to do their bachelor degree project on GNOME.

Also i'm working with two students in Chile, the are doing their degree
about GNOME topics, mainly applying the platform on vineyards and
winerys and usability also.

Vincent and Fernando, could you update to add links to these projects?

Other people: do you have ideas for student research? I added one example to the wiki (a better redeye removal algorithm), there must be plenty of others. Students always need research ideas...

Has the promised mailing list happened?
Not yet. The creation request is waiting for a nice sysadmin. The
mailing list would really help track what's happening in this area...

I'll ping some people gently...

- Mike

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