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Date: Mar 17, 2007 7:32 AM
Subject: Re: Supporting Gtk+ Maintenance
To: Tim Janik

On 3/14/07, Tim Janik wrote:

Hello Foundation Board.

Hello GTK+ team.

The Gtk+ project is in dire lack of new maintainers, mostly to review (...)

Thanks for this report, and actually thanks for the first report you
sent back in Christmas. On thaty time the board was in transition, but
we already took your points and since then this has been one of the
main points in our agenda.

This is why GTK+ was one of the 2 main issues presented to the
advisory board members this week, together with Documentation. There
are lots of aspects to fix and improve in the GNOME project, but the
board has decided to put these two on top of the agenda.

A practical conclusion of the discussion this week was that we need a
space for discussion where the GTK+ team, the board, the advisory
board companies and probably any other key GTK+ contributor /
stakeholder / user can share this discussion. An official channel
where we can hold a discussion from these different perspectives in
order to solve the main issues and push GTK+ to the bright horizon it
deserves. This channel might be online+offline, something like a
combination of a specific mailing list + meetings in relevant
conferences + ...

The GTK+ core team has the initiative proposing the space and the
bootstrapping process of collaboration. Let's use this list to decide
the new channel.

So for the foundation board, there are two things that can be done
to improve the current situation:

1) Please present the issue at hand (this email and the email linked
    to above) to the advisory board members, to make sure the companies
    involved are aware of the situation. And if possible, spread the
    word to other involved parties or (non advisory) companies.

Done the first part, advisory board organizations are aware now (of
course most were aware before, but now it's official). Any ideas
regarding how the board can spread the message to other organizations
and channels are welcome, we will do our best.

2) Please investigate if the hiring/sponsoring of a full time Gtk+
    maintainer position by the Gnome foundation is also a possibility.

This investigation and the rest of points you made in this message
need to be discussed in this common channel to be created. There is no
point having this discussion without the GTK+ team, and in fact we
expect the GTK+ team to be the first proposing specific solutions. You
need to lead this agenda.

Quim Gil /// http://desdeamericaconamor.org

Quim Gil /// http://desdeamericaconamor.org

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