Re: Fwd: Supporting Gtk+ Maintenance

Le lundi 26 mars 2007, à 14:12, Quim Gil a écrit :
> On 3/14/07, Tim Janik wrote:
> >
> > Hello Foundation Board.
> Hello GTK+ team.
> > The Gtk+ project is in dire lack of new maintainers, mostly to review (...)
> Thanks for this report, and actually thanks for the first report you
> sent back in Christmas. On thaty time the board was in transition, but
> we already took your points and since then this has been one of the
> main points in our agenda.
> This is why GTK+ was one of the 2 main issues presented to the
> advisory board members this week, together with Documentation. There
> are lots of aspects to fix and improve in the GNOME project, but the
> board has decided to put these two on top of the agenda.
> A practical conclusion of the discussion this week was that we need a
> space for discussion where the GTK+ team, the board, the advisory
> board companies and probably any other key GTK+ contributor /
> stakeholder / user can share this discussion. An official channel
> where we can hold a discussion from these different perspectives in
> order to solve the main issues and push GTK+ to the bright horizon it
> deserves. This channel might be online+offline, something like a
> combination of a specific mailing list + meetings in relevant
> conferences + ...
> The GTK+ core team has the initiative proposing the space and the
> bootstrapping process of collaboration. Let's use this list to decide
> the new channel.

I'm wondering if gtk-devel-list is the place where the discussion about
collaboration should be happening: I don't know if having a mix of
technical discussions and collaboration discussions is good or not.
Having a separate mailing list might help, but it might also be a stupid
idea :-)

What does the GTK+ team think?


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