Re: Supporting Gtk+ Maintenance

On 3/15/07, Tim Janik <timj gtk org> wrote:
* Companies (especially those on the advisory board) can submit names
   of developers (employees) who can be put on the task of Gtk+
   Ideally, the developers should already have experience with Gtk+
   project contributions, and they should be team-oriented and
   communicative to be able to develop a good work relationship with
   the existing Gtk+ community.

* The Gtk+ project would like to see those people work full time if
   possible, but regular part time assistance can also help a lot.

Code maintainence  is an important part of any project's life cycle &
is often the most dreaded part by developers. Majority of them think
that adding new features is _the_ most exciting part of the project
cycle. However, this phase is good (& very important) for the
developers who are in the process of learning the toolkit's internals
- like me.

I would suggest that when the decision about hiring developers is made
(or discussed), maintainence work should be strongly put forward...
specially since we will decide to branch/develop for the 3.0 branch in

I would be happy to volunteer towards maintainence of GTK+.


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