Re: Call for invitations to be the host of GUADEC 2008

<quote who="Adrian Custer">

> "GNOME" cannot have a geopolitical view since "Gnome is people" and we
> each, well, erhm, perhaps, think a little differently. Now the "GNOME
> foundation" probably has to recognize nation states but don't think for
> a second that means that "GNOME" does. 

cf. "flags". If you are becoming serious here, you are missing the tenor of
the discussion.

> And if such a thing happened in say Turkey, Lebanon, Mexico, or Cape
> Verde, who would seriously object?

I don't think so. No one has objected to the numerous GNOME conferences that
have popped up all around the world as a result of our wonderful community.
But none of them are GUADEC.

- Jeff

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