Re: Call for invitations to be the host of GUADEC 2008

Alan Cox wrote:
>> But one thing is for sure - the travel costs for attendees is something
>> which will definitely be taken into account, and in general that will
>> exclude anything outside North America and Europe.
> That depends upon the time of year and location. The bit of North
> America which is civilised to visitors (Canada) can be very pricy in
> summer but very very cheap in winter [guess why]. This is a problem with
> OLS.


Also don't forget that Ottawa (since you mention the case of OLS) by
itself is not the best destination as, despite being the Nation's
Capital, its airport route is barely direct. Most of people will have to
fly through Toronto (YYZ) or Montreal (YUL), and depending in the
airline, they might a non negligible cost to add for this last leg to
Ottawa (YOW).

That said if there is any proposal for Canada (Montreal is IMHO a better
choice than Ottawa), count me in :-)


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